IIT 16690 Trailer Converter Simply connects 5 cord vehicles

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Easily connects 5 wire cars to 4 wire
Diagram is easy to read so connecting is quick
Adhesive back sticks securely to any clean surface

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IIT 16690 Trailer Converter Simply connects 5 cord vehicles

IIT 16690 Trailer Converter Simply connects 5 cord vehicles

The IIT 16690 Trailer converter Simply connects any 5 cord vehicles to 4 cord trailers. Contains 2′ of 5 cord and five’ of 4 cord. Simple adhesive secures securely to any blank surface.

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Simply connects 5 cord vehicles to 4 cord
Diagram is simple to learn so connecting is fast
Adhesive back sticks securely to any blank surface


If you’re looking for a converter (your vehicle has separate brake bulbs AND turn signals) then look no further. You’ll find other converters that require a separate 12v signal and cost $40-50, which means you’ll have to tear your car apart routing one long wire to the positive terminal on the battery. Not this one! Just make the five simple connections on your vehicle wiring at the rear light housings, and you’re done. No fuss, no aggravation, etc. I have tried this harness on three different trailers all with extensive running lights, dual turn signal bulbs, etc. Works like a champ for little $$$

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This is another of those products that could benefit somewhat from a better set of instructions. However it does exactly as promised–it converts a five-conductor vehicle wiring harness to the four-conductor trailer wiring harness. Once you figure out which vehicle wires are which (left turn, right turn, running light, brake light, and ground) the rest is easy.

Long lead wires; leads are well-labeled; insulators seem durable; product works as promised.

Especially for newbies to vehicle electrics, more explanation and how-to (how to find and isolate which vehicle leads are which) would be helpful.
Connectors for leads could also be very helpful.

Most Toyota Land Cruiser of the FJ-80 vintage come with a Trailer Converter factory installed. No option for this SUV. Mine decided to take a break from making the Trailer lights signal. So I decided to swap it out. I chose this one as there was no mistake in which wire goes where as the legend is printed right on the case. It is easy to install and there is no programming needed – just good wiring practice and DO NOT use wire nuts in vehicles in wet areas. Solder the wires and heat shrink is good practice.













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