Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set

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Rout, edge, inlay, and mortise in wood
Constructed of high-speed steel
Reusable plastic storage case included

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A valuable addition to any woodworker’s Dremel rotary tool, the Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set includes six high-speed router bits made from high-grade steel. Conveniently packaged in a reusable plastic case, these bits are ideal for routing, inlaying, and mortising wood and other soft materials. Ideal for a variety of light to medium hobby, repair, and renovation jobs, this set ensures that you have the exact bit you wish to have to tackle your next project.

The Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set includes:
  • 612 piloted beading router bit
  • 615 corner rounding router bit
  • 650 1/8-inch straight router bit
  • 654 1/4-inch straight router bit
  • 617 core box router bit
  • 618 chamfer router bit

For hobby, repair, and renovation jobs, the versatile bits can route, inlay, and more.

High-Speed, Durable Steel Construction to Tackle a Range of Jobs
Made of high-speed, durable steel, these bits are the ideal size for rotary tools. The straight bits offer exceptional versatility, and the piloted edge bits help you add a personalized, detailed touch to wood frames, molding, and more.

All six router bits are forged from high-grade steel and packaged in a reusable plastic case.View larger.

Quality Construction for Precise Cuts the First Time
Designed for use with the 335 Plunge Router and 231 Shaper/Router attachments, these bits feature high-quality construction that lets you make exceptionally precise cuts the first time, saving you energy and stress. They’re also well-suited for detailed work, such as building and sanding dollhouse furniture, model trains, or miniature buildings and planes.

User-Friendly Design and Easy Insertion Process for Longer Life
Incredibly easy to use, these bits work best when inserted the entire way into the tool and then backed out reasonably before tightening down. This insertion process provides a variety of shank for the collet or chuck to hold the bit in place. For optimum precision and longer life, it’s also important to safe objects to a stable surface at the same time as working–if chattering occurs, simply increase the speed. It is also important to keep a light touch so the speed of the tool, not the strength of your arm, does the work.

Variety of Bits for a Range of Projects
This set comes with a total of six bits, including a 3/32-inch piloted beading bit, 1/4-inch core box bit, and 1/2-inch chamfer bit that all work well for inlaying and mortising wood and other soft materials.

About Dremel: A History of Brilliance and Innovation
Founded in 1932 in Racine, Wisconsin, Dremel is the industry leader in rotary tools. The company owes its success to the inventive genius of its founder and namesake, Albert J. Dremel. In his lifetime, Mr. Dremel owned 55 patents on a variety of products from electric erasers to a gas-powered rotary lawn mower. His most famous and important invention was a high-speed rotary tool, dubbed the Dremel Moto-Tool. Compact, lightweight, and perfect for a variety of jobs, the rotary tool was a direct hit with hobbyists and eventually became accepted as one of the most greatest inventions of the 20th century. Today, the Dremel name remains synonymous with utility, durability, and innovation.

What’s in the Box
One 612 piloted beading router bit, one 615 corner rounding router bit, one 650 1/8-inch straight router bit, one 654 1/4-inch straight router bit, one 617 core box router bit, and one 618 chamfer router bit

Rout, edge, inlay, and mortise in wood
Constructed of high-speed steel
Reusable plastic storage case included
Ideal for a variety of hobby, repair, and renovation jobs
Do not run in excess of 30,000 RPM





















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