The Best DeWALT Cordless Tire Inflator | The Most Advanced Review

The Best Dewalt Cordless Tire Inflator | The Most Advanced Review

DeWALT Launches the most powerful tools now. From tiny corded tools to huge cordless tools, the DeWALT has the best products from the market.

With over 33 reviews of 4-5 stars, we decided that this dewalt cordless tire inflator deserves an advanced review because we want the best for the customers. If you want:

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This dewalt cordless tire inflator is ideal for trim work, household or any jobsite duties. In fact, this air compressor can hold anything.

Pumping up tires, clearing work areas, and even blowing up inflatable toys, make these multi-use cordless air compressors a must-have around the home or at the jobsite.

We mentioned that this product is small and powerful. But how small and how powerful it is?

Well, it can be put in a child stroller and it’s about the same size as a baby.

The power? It can easily air up the tires of a truck after a weekend in the dunes. 

dewalt cordless tire inflator

When you order this product, it comes with a 6.0 Ah battery, but for much power you can use a 9.0 Ah battery. There is absolutely no problem with it.


Who needs more power than that?

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What are the Advantages of Cordless Air Compressors ?

This battery-powered air compressor allows you to cut the cord and can be extremely useful for using an air tool around construction sites or outdoors.

The battery included is a Lithium Ion Battery with good quality and a super fast charger, which is great !

The small size of compact air compressors ( only 21.5 lbs ) are now made even more desirable by being cordless.

This dewalt cordless tire inflator is convenient from the point of view of the price ( click here to check the price ) and  it’s super portable, as we said, the size of a baby in a stroller.

This powerful DeWALT cordless tire inflator has a 60V Maximum Flexvolt, it’s fast, accurate, and its pressure it’s adjustable and it can go up to 1,220 nails per charge. WOW!

  • Brushless motor: provides the power of a corded tool
  • Oil-Free pump: clean and convenient and one turn regulator for fast, accurate pressure adjustments
  • Nails per charge: up to 1, 200 nails on one charge
  • Portable: only 21.5 lbs for easy mobility
  • Heavy duty roll cage for protection at job-site applications

dewalt cordless tire inflator

What are the Disadvantages of Cordless Air Compressors ?

As you know, this fantastic dewalt cordless tire inflator it’s limited by it’s runtime ( because of the battery ).

It’s powered by only just one 60V Max Flevolt battery. 

Runtime is significantly impacted by the amount of times the compressor needs to maintain the desired pressure.

Both of these brands are proven workhorses, and they wouldn’t release a product until it was tested, abused, and tested again.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to run it on cold weather.

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2 thoughts on “The Best DeWALT Cordless Tire Inflator | The Most Advanced Review

  1. AndrewG says:

    Great review,i got it a few days ago and it’s awesome.I just started to go off roading with a couple of friends and i don t have off road tiers yet so i punctured one of the tiers twice.I was lucky that one of my friends had a inflator.So after that i got this one and soon i’ll get off road tiers.Thx

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